Material for media - prepared May 2015

still footage, video report and video clips (Please scroll)

The material below is free to use for professionals as well as non professionals to illustrate the research performed by Ola Andersson, MD, and research team.

All other use is prohibited, please contact Ola Andersson for questions.

All footage and video must be accredited to the photographer. Byline: Martina Thalwitzer
(web use, also include link if possible

Still footage to download, low res and high res


Portraits of Ola Andersson, MD, PhD
Speciality in Pediatrics an Neonatology
Researcher at Uppsala University

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Video footage, full report and clips to download

Full video footage will be available for the public before May 26th 2015 11 a.m. Eastern US time, press representatives may please contact Ola Andersson for password to log in to download.

Video clips without embargo regarding the content, are available for download right now. See below.

Please note that credits to photographer/videographer Martina Thalwitzer must be published.
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video clips for TV/Broadcast use