Let it be, let it be

The first private umbilical stem cell bank has recently been established in Sweden and has started discussions regarding the ethics of saving the babys blood for the future instead of letting it keep the blood for itself. Yesterday I was interviewed in Swedish television, stressing the points:
1. That the one deciliter blood that the baby loose, is equivalent to 2 liters of blood in an adult.  
2. Our research on Swedish healthy children has shown that waiting to clamp the cord for three minutes protects against iron deficiency at four months of age and improve fine motor function at four years of age.
3. Most official statements conclude, like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: "The routine storage of umbilical cord blood as “biologic insurance” against future disease is not recommended."
Here is the Swedish TV-clip: http://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vasternorrland/insamling-av-stamceller-riskerar-barns-halsa

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